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The Monthly Mini Font Club is a subscription for type enthusiast to receive one unique, bespoke mini font delivered straight to their inbox every month. Each mini font will contain 12 characters surrounding a central theme: world currencies, forgotten punctuations, NYC Dingbats, and more. Subscribers will also receive a global 10% off code for any of our full character-set library fonts. Monthly mini fonts are available for non-subscribers for individual purchase at $15.

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Monthly Mini Font Club Subscription

The subscription covers the base commercial license fee for all of our monthly mini font club releases. Subscribe for the year and receive a unique mini font right to your inbox. Not ready to commit? It's okay! You can still purchase the individual releases here every month at full price.


Monthly Mini Font Club Subscriber

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Get one font delivered straight to your inbox monthly
$15 per monthly font release
Low price of $7 per month.*
Full Price for commercial licensing
10% off all Work Type font library releases
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2023 Archive

$ 15.00 USD
Coming Soon
$ 15.00 USD
Coming Soon
$ 15.00 USD

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